Friday, May 22, 2015

Moving from quora

I finally moved from Quora  ( to a more appropriate blog system.
I have noticed that Quora blog system is very graphically minimalistic, and far from being user friendly.
The reason that i picked it was that every time i searched Google for a technical or architectural issues i found Quora's results as the most professional answers, which were written by some of the leaders of these subjects in the world.
My hopes were that some of these people would find my blog inside Quora and would even follow my blog.

That didn't happen. I realized that it is hard to find my blog on Google, not even when searching my name together with the subjects i am writing about. Furthermore, i understood that people got into my blog only via my linked-in and tweeter shares which can be done from any blog system, so why not picking an easy to use and user friendly blog system, that in addition has more chances to get indexed by Google?

So here i come Blogger.

(A print screen of my previous blog, just to feel how it is like to upload an image to your blog :) )


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